Washington, DC – Feminists for Life congratulates Honorary Chair Patricia Heaton on her Outstanding Actress Emmy 2000 win.

“First I just want to thank God for thinking me up, and my mother for letting me come out, because life is really amazing,” said Heaton in her acceptance speech.

Heaton elaborated on how beautiful life is, ” … to be in this room with all of you, and to be in this category with these women, and then to be standing up here and holding this – you know, who knew? … I couldn’t have planned that.”

Twice nominated for an Emmy award, Heaton plays the role of Debra – wife of Raymond and mother of three – on the CBS hit comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Heaton is a real-life wife and mother of four boys whom she calls the “joy of her life.”

Heaton is also Feminists for Life’s Honorary Chair. Of her role in Feminists for Life Heaton recently said, “I wanted to find a group that had compassionate, intelligent, reasonable people who are fun and life-affirming.”

Earlier in the evening, the president of Television Arts and Sciences, Merle Marshall Daniels, talked about how Hollywood’s “passions and values are reflected in the programs we create.” While speaking in glowing terms about diversity and inclusion, confronting the ugliness of racism, gun violence and domestic abuse, and the death penalty, Daniels unfortunately also credited writers for their willingness to tackle subjects like “a woman’s right to choose” abortion.

“Patricia Heaton is the most courageous woman in Hollywood,” said FFL president Serrin M. Foster. “While another at the Emmy awards ceremony spoke of the ‘right to choose,’ Patricia Heaton reminded us all that life – and motherhood – are beautiful.”