The Most Popular TV Shows Ever Made

MEXICO CITY — Tony Soprano, passing through Chandler until you reach the charming star of the 1950s, Lucy, these are the series that marked several generations. The celebrity portal The Richest recognizes television programs that have been on the air for a long time and in the lives of their followers, for whom they represent a reference in their day-to-day lives. The list includes two original series of Netflix, the streaming service that has been relatively short-lived in the competition for captivating the audience on the small screen. Read the following TV Shows that are considered to be the 12 most popular series ever made in history.

  1. I Love Lucy

When you hold the title of the most visible, you also become the Queen of Queens of the series. Thus, the program starring the actress Lucille Ball tops the list of the most popular in history.



  1. The Simpsons

“You could say that this is the original ‘family man,’ ” notes the Richest. The yellow family of television has been on the air and counting for over 25 seasons. Its success is such that it even has its amusement park attractions Section at Universal Studios.



  1. Saturday Night Live

The black humor of this sketch show came to the screen in 1975 and recently celebrated its 40 seasons along with more than 785 episodes on the air.




  1. Family Guy

It is one of the most successful animated comedies of the Fox empire, although it had to be canceled for two years in 2001. The high sales of promotional products and DVDs prompted the network to bring it back to the small screen.



  1. Friends

You may think it’s unfair for this series to occupy the fifth rung, but despite the massive success, it fails to reach its rivals, according to the Richest. From its musical tune to some phrases that characterized his characters are part of the details that his followers still treasure in their memory.


  1. House of Cards

Yeah, Netflix already made history with his ruthless politician Frank Underwood. His place in the ranking shows that closing an agreement with one of the most renowned filmmakers as David Fincher has its benefits. The series premiered its third season and plans the next stage of the drama that revolves around politics in the White House; however, the show has lost adepts with the recently released chapters to the public.



  1. Orange Is the New Black

“At only two years old and without jumping on television, this series is considered unique,” says the Richest. The program, based on the novel by Piper Kerman, “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women S Prison,” has won 12 statuettes Emmy, and has a production agreement until 2016.



  1. Game of Thrones

Generally, the HBO label is synonymous with success, and so it happened with this series that went from being a literary bestseller to one of the most watched and best sold on television. The popularity led the television giant to break various audience records.


  1. Mad Men

“Sniff, sniff.” The series that just ended left a mark on the history of the most popular TV shows. The drama treasures 19 recognition and is considered one of the most successful ever created.


  1. Breaking Bad

AMC used a safe formula to trap viewers into the dark world of meth production. The show aired in 2008 and continued until 2013. His controversial history gave him more than 29 awards and a place among the most viewed series in history.


  1. Modern Family

The show was successful from its first chapter with over 2.6 million viewers in the United States, and now generates at least $ 2 million per episode.


  1. The Sopranos

Before Breaking Bad was this series about the Italian-American mafia that remained on the air from 1997 to 2007. The death of its protagonist James Gandolfini in 2013, who played Tony Soprano in the series, shocked the fans.