Not everyone in Hollywood is a left-winger. On Monday’s Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on CBS, Patricia Heaton, co-star of Everybody Loves Raymond sitcom, admitted she voted for Bush, boasts to her friends about the coming tax cut and is “pro-life.”

Heaton plays “Debra Barone,” wife of Ray Romano’s lead character “Ray Barone” on the 9pm EDT/PDT, 8pm CDT/MDT CBS sit-com produced by Worldwide Pants, David Letterman’s production company which also owns Kilborn’s show.

During her appearance on Kilborn’s July 16 late night/early morning show this exchange occurred, as taken down by MRC analyst Brian Boyd:

Craig Kilborn: “So you’re actually, I didn’t know this, even though I’ve interviewed you a number of times, I didn’t know that you are a Republican and you actually aren’t shy about saying that.”
Patricia Heaton: “Well, and you can all thank me for your tax refund, right?”
Kilborn: “That’s right, we got a tax refund.”
Heaton: “Yeah, and all these Democratic friends who, you know, are like ‘I can’t believe you voted for Bush’ and I was like, hey, I get a tax refund, thank you very much.”
Kilborn: “You’re taking credit, yourself.”
Heaton: “I’m taking credit myself.”
Kilborn: “There aren’t many celebrities, aren’t many Hollywood people who are Republicans.”
Heaton: “No, I was, you know what, I hate to say I am a Republican because there are some issues that I’m very Democratic on and some issues, I’m against the death penalty, so that’s more of a Democratic Party thing. Pro-life so that’s more Republican, so, it’s hard, but, but I’m like the only celebrity they could get to come to this thing in Washington. Like no one else would go, it was like me and a ventriloquist.”
Kilborn: “Is that right? That’s funny. There are no Republicans around.”
Heaton: “I know, no, no one will admit to it.”
Kilborn: “That’s funny.”
Heaton: “It’s too bad that we live in a country where people would feel ashamed to be in one party or another.”
Kilborn: “Right.”
Heaton: “It’s just that’s what makes-”
Kilborn: “You’re very carefree, you’re very open with this stuff unless you’re on a plane where they’re not giving you a sandwich you’re pretty easy going.”
Heaton: “This is the thing, if someone, I’m the kind of person that if someone tells me I can’t do something or shouldn’t be something then I would automatically do that, because someone told me I couldn’t.”
Kilborn: “Oh, one of those.”
Heaton: “So it’s kind of, in Hollywood it’s almost like because everybody is Democratic”
Kilborn: “It’s so irritating.”
Heaton: “It’s irritating. You know, I don’t feel like a lemming.”
Kilborn: “Right, right.”
Heaton: “You know, so I will just sort of-”
Kilborn: “Well, I guess that’s a good reason to be a Republican.”

Okay, a less than enthusiastic endorsement of conservative policies, but not bad for Hollywood.